Engineering is the differential value in our market. The challenges posed by highly competitive and PRECISE sectors, such as Metal Packaging, require high capacities of design, knowledge and experience in order to design and manufacture high-precision products.

We are our customers' strategic partners: because we know the sector and its challenges, and we know that reliability and productivity are decisive factors. We therefore have all the necessary technology resources (our own development software, different CAD design tools, CAM and CMM), facilities and knowledge based on demonstrable experience. We also have a multidisciplinary professional team with long experience for carrying out the most complex of projects.

We specialise in the design of progressive tab dies, also offering reverse engineering capacities (part-based) and customised complete line solutions.


We are specialists in the design of easy open end dies (EOE). Our experience and technology capacities enable us to tackle the most complex of challenges: reduced ring thickness, format changes, etc.
We design, manufacture and guarantee the best result.


We adapt to our customers' needs and offer singular capacities, such as reverse engineering, thanks to which we can solve design and manufacturing challenges based on the analysis of manufactured parts. This approach to the challenge helps us to understand how each part works, so that we can alter it and improve its performance.


We put ourselves in our customers' place; we know that productivity is a decisive factor for company competitiveness. We collaborate in improvement processes including cost savings analysis, process reengineering, maintenance, equipment renovation, material and format conversion, etc.


One of our main characteristics is our ability to adapt to the needs of every customer. We provide complete advice in order to guarantee achievement of quality in the end product; and as part of this effort to learn every detail of every experience and requirement, we also train our customers, fostering teams capable of achieving in-depth knowledge of every system. That's how, thanks to continuous collaboration, we succeed in optimising the costs of our client companies, and in improving returns on their investment.