Every project represents a challenge: a test for EGILE CANTOOLING. Non-conformism and a vocation for permanent innovation form part of our culture and are present in all phases. We innovate to offer our customers the best of results, more competitive and reliable products, premium solutions and unique results.

Furthermore, thanks to our participation in the Egile Group, we have a unique vision of the enormously demanding high precision industries and markets. Our synergy with other companies in the Group brings us continuous learning, the ability to observe and constantly adapt knowledge and technology, qualities expressed as added value in each of our projects.


Reducing the thickness of packaging is a necessity for all manufacturers, given its impact on costs. At EGILE CANTOOLING we work with our customers on this challenge, developing packaging elements of reduced thickness. We contribute our experience in the field of redesign, thereby guaranteeing its integrity.


High precision applied to all manufacturing processes. Package forming is key to the production system and requires enormous coordination: the very smallest deviation affects productivity, and a tiny design fault can cause problems with the product quality. At EGILE CANTOOLING we make a detailed study of the processes of forming the different packaging elements in order to guarantee the desired reliability and optimisation.