We are Egile

“Egile” in Basque means “a doer or a creator”. And that is the Mission of the Egile Group, namely, to enable and create business opportunities in the field of high precision mechanics, our technological and business specialisation. Egile therefore acts as a platform for intrapreneurship activities and the generation of new companies.

We are a Technology-Based Enterprise Corporation that develops Products, Services and High Value Solutions for its Customers based on High Precision Mechanics as our core competence.

We have established our operations through different companies with one common denominator-they are leaders in their field, standing out for strategic orientation, management and the promotion of Opportunities, continuously evolving with a focus on improvement and a search for Products and services based on Knowledge.

Our extensive team that is the foundation of our Corporation is dedicated to achieving this, as well as capturing, generating and promoting this type of knowledge.

EGILE Innovative Solutions’ R & D unit supports the different companies from the Corporation in the development of new products or processes and develops tailor-made solutions for our customers.